«R-PRICE» - Multiple Listing Service for Appraisers


1. Search of analogues from other regions on:

- To quantity of the population of city
- Remoteness from the center
- To the prices to transactions

2. Inquiry in addition:

- A photo of the chosen analogues
- Spears{Copies} of primary sources

3. Functions for appraisers:

- Export of results in MS Excel
- Search on archives
- Work with personal lists

4. Users = Suppliers of the information:

- Appraisers from regions and the center
- appraisers
- Large corporations (RGD, Gazprom…)
- Banks
- The state (Rosimushestvo, Rosregistraciya, Rostehinventarizaci, Roszemkadastr)


- To check up a source of the information
- To save on survey and the review of the market
- To find the partner in region
- To trace dynamics of the prices in the comparable markets, including depressive
- To receive a photo of object of an estimation and analogues without departure
- Repeatedly to use already collected information on objects-analogues

We invite appraisers to become constant representatives and suppliers of the information in regions

Join us!